Practice Nurse Support

Important update

Primary Sense will be replacing the Pen CS systems CAT4 and Topbar in May 2023. Primary Sense is an evidence based clinical audit and decision support tool that provides on demand, pre-filtered reports at the click of a button.

From November 2022 your practice can gain access to Primary Sense. Simply complete the online form and our team will be in touch. For further information, visit our webpage.

‘Primary health care is an exciting and fulfilling area for nurses to work in. The opportunities to grow long-term relationships with patients and to help people manage their health within their own communities. Primary health care is constantly evolving and offers nurses the opportunity to utilise a wide range of skills and to collaborate with a host of other health and social care providers. In general practice, the nursing role involves patient care, coordination, quality control, problem-solving, education and being an agent of connectivity.’  – My Nursing Future

Primary health care nursing within general practices is a fast-growing and dynamic area of the nursing profession.

In the Brisbane South PHN region, the majority of general practices employ a practice nurse who is either a registered or enrolled nurse and who plays a vital role in assisting with primary health care delivery. These nurses are skilled, knowledgeable and valued health professionals who complement the general practice team.

The practice nurse role is unique and can often require different knowledge and skills than nurses practising in hospital or community health services.

Practice Nurse Support Program

The Practice Nurse Support Program (PNSP) is available to eligible nurses who are new to general practice and currently working in the Brisbane South PHN region.

The program provides support, education and online learning activities for registered and enrolled nurses. The program has been designed to upskill the practice nurse workforce by providing information, advice and mentoring on immunisation, infection control, chronic disease management, prevention, spirometry, accreditation and more.

Register for the program

To register your interest in the PNSP, please complete an expression of interest. For further information, email