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What it’s like to implement the Recognise Respond Refer program?

Since 2006, Patrice Cafferky, nurse, midwife and Brisbane South PHN board member, has owned and managed a private practice with her husband, who is the principal GP.

‘We observed first-hand the growing need for pathways to safety and health for patients experiencing domestic violence. There was a sense of powerlessness in our practice in treating Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) because the very nature of DFV is contrary to everything GPs are trained to do, which is to diagnose and treat.’ Mrs Cafferky explains. 

‘The Recognise, Respond, Refer (RRR) training instilled confidence in all the staff at my general practice to recognise signs of abuse and violence and respond appropriately. The Local Link service is our link between GPs and specialist services.’

Mrs Cafferky believes the success of the RRR program in Brisbane south made for a strong case nationally, with further funding to expand the program in all states and territories announced in the recent Federal Budget.

‘PHNs are well placed to integrate the primary health care system and social services. Providing the necessary funding and entrusting the rollout of DFV programs like RRR to PHNs facilitates the inter-system cooperation so desperately required to meet the challenges of DFV.’

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