ECG Interpretation: from Basic to Advance (2 day event)

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Last updated 5 February 2024
ECG Interpretation: from Basic to Advance (2 day event)

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Nurses for Nurses Network

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The growth of telemetry in both specialist units and general ward situations has heightened the Nurse’s responsibility to ensure their knowledge regarding cardiac arrhythmias and ECG interpretation is current and reflects best practice guidelines.

The content covered in this seminar is considered essential knowledge and clinical competence of anyone working in the areas of ward telemetry, coronary care, critical care and emergency Nursing. It is also key information for any Nurse working in other clinical areas who is wanting to upskill their knowledge on the interpretation of arrhythmias.

Understanding of the foundation of electrophysiology and the three parameters of measurements will aid the Nurse in recognition of any deviation from the normal cardiac rhythm.

Paramedics also interested in ECG interpretation are very welcome.


In this seminar you will:

  • Identify the three essential parameters (values) that assist with analysis of a rhythm strip.
  • Demonstrate how to work out these three parameters: PR interval, QRS width, QT interval.
  • Learn how to interpret a 12 lead ECG
  • Explore the additional clinical scenarios of a drug overdose and post myocardial infarction and what the Nurse would observe on a rhythm strip of these patients


The Club at Parkwood Village 76-122 Napper Rd, Parkwood, Gold Coast


4-5 September 2024

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