Models for multidisciplinary care

Last updated 11 October 2023
Models for multidisciplinary care

Encouraging multidisciplinary team-based care is one of the core components of the 2023 Strengthening Medicare Taskforce report. Enabling health care professionals to work in a coordinated, multidisciplinary team, each working at their full scope of practice will facilitate person-centred continuity of care and deliver better health outcomes. 

Brisbane South PHN are working to help deliver this for our region by: 

  • Helping to break down barriers to interprofessional collaboration by building trust and interprofessional understanding of the scope of other health professionals 

  • Advocating for change that facilitates clinicians being able to work at the top of their scope of practice 

  • Working with local practices to expand their general practice team by integrating non-dispensing pharmacists and social workers 

  • Modelling innovative models of care that incorporate multidisciplinary team members in delivering care.