Health Needs Assessment

Last updated 14 December 2023
Health Needs Assessment

Understanding health needs and service gaps is foundational to Brisbane South PHN’s commissioning approach. Every 3 years, we undertake a comprehensive ‘Health Needs Assessment’, in partnership with our health system partners, service providers, and the local community. 

This assessment guides our investments and resources, focusing on specific demographics, geographic areas, health concerns, and essential functions like healthcare workforce development and digital health innovation, in alignment with the Department's directives.

The annual review of our Health Needs Assessment provides the PHN with a deep understanding of the health and service needs of the whole region, applying a multiphase approach, supported by robust governance, to: 

Our annual review of the Health Needs Assessment ensures that we stay informed of and responsive to our region’s health and service needs in an ever-changing health landscape. 

Using a meticulous, multi-phase approach with strong governance, we:

  • identify healthcare and service needs and explore effective solutions

  • prioritise needs according to the Department of Health and Aged Care's guidelines.

  • allocate resources strategically, prioritising populations and regions for essential activities.

  • provide a platform for our community and health services, healthcare professionals, and other system partners to understand and address the unique needs of our region.

At Brisbane South PHN, we are committed to improving the health and well being of our community in alignment with the PHN Program's objectives.

Explore our Health Needs Assessments

Click on the links below to view past and current Needs Assessments. 

Sub-regional profiles

Brisbane South PHN has developed 20 sub-regional profiles to complement our Needs Assessment and provide a greater level of detail about our communities. 

The profiles help Brisbane South PHN and our partners to identify variation within our region and assist in planning and delivering services to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.