Practice nurse support

Last updated 11 June 2024
Practice nurse support

In the Brisbane South PHN region, the majority of general practices employ a practice nurse who is either a registered or enrolled nurse and who plays a vital role in assisting with primary health care delivery. These nurses are skilled, knowledgeable and valued health professionals who complement the general practice team.

Primary health care is an exciting and fulfilling area for nurses to work in. The opportunities to grow long-term relationships with patients and to help people manage their health within their own communities. Primary health care is constantly evolving and offers nurses the opportunity to utilise a wide range of skills and to collaborate with a host of other health and social care providers. In general practice, the nursing role involves patient care, coordination, quality control, problem-solving, education and being an agent of connectivity.  – My Nursing Future

The practice nurse role is unique and can often require different knowledge and skills than nurses practising in hospital or community health services.

Brisbane South PHN’s Primary Care Development Coordinator is available for support with clinical guidelines, information and resources. Practice visits are available when applicable.

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Practice nurse online learning

Brisbane South PHN offers online introductory learning to all practice nurses working in the Brisbane south region.

Access to this Practice Nurse Online Learning (PNOL) provides all nurses the opportunity to reinforce their foundational knowledge and skills and to implement improvements in practice. This will support the practices to implement consistent policies and procedures in the workplace and meet current accreditation standards.  

The PNOL offers self-paced learning modules and a certificate of completion.

The course content includes:

  • immunisation and vaccine management

  • infection prevention and sterilisation

  • chronic disease management

  • preventative health

  • accreditation and more!

The PNOL is accessed via DiscoverPHN, our online learning and collaboration portal, providing you Continuing Professional Development opportunities relevant to your scope of practice.

About the Practice Nurse Support Program

Brisbane South PHN recognises the practice nurse role is unique and can often require different knowledge and skills than nurses practising in hospital or community health services.

The Practice Nurse Support Program (PNSP) is available to support new graduates and those nurses who are new to general practice and currently working in general practice in the Brisbane South  region.

The program provides support, education and online learning activities for registered and enrolled nurses. The program has been designed to upskill the practice nurse workforce by providing information, advice and mentoring on immunisation, infection control, chronic disease management, prevention, spirometry, accreditation and more.

Register for the program

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