About Brisbane South PHN

Brisbane South PHN plays a key role in working with a range of primary health care services and health professionals, service providers and the community to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes.

Our efforts are focused on improving the system for everyone – individuals, families, communities, health professionals, key stakeholders and the primary health sector.

We support the primary health sector in a number of ways:

  • we provide support services so health service providers can be better placed to deliver care to patients, keeping them healthy and out of hospital
  • we provide workforce development through training and education
  • we work with practices to understand and use eHealth systems
  • through careful analysis and planning, we help to identify and address health service gaps
  • we work with others to purchase or commission health services for local groups most in need, including patients with complex chronic conditions or mental illness.

SpotOnHealth HealthPathways

SpotOnHealth HealthPathways provides clinicians in the greater Brisbane south catchment with web-based information outlining the assessment, management and referral of more than 550 conditions.


Brisbane South PHN works in partnership with our local communities and health care providers to improve health and wellbeing across the Brisbane south region.

We serve our community through supporting primary health care, which includes services provided by general practice, allied health services, community health and community pharmacies.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health

The Integrated Team Care Program helps improve access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to culturally appropriate mainstream primary health care.

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Our region

The Brisbane South PHN region covers a large geographic area south of the Brisbane River, including metropolitan, rural and remote island locations, and features a diverse range of population groups.