Last updated 26 March 2024


PRODA is an online authentication system based on a username, password and verification code to log in to HPOS. This solution is an alternative to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) individual certificates.

Follow our instructions for registering for PRODA or find out more online.


PRODA for organisations

Any individual can create a PRODA account and what can be accessed via HPOS then depends on the level of authority the person holds and their qualifications. An appropriately authorised person in the practice can then, through their individual PRODA account, register the organisation for an Organisational PRODA account.

Organisational PRODA accounts are required for accessing many government services, including Medicare site certificates and MyMedicare.

Follow the steps here to create an Organisation PRODA account.


Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) is a web-based service that streamlines Medicare related interactions with the Services Australia for health professionals such as general practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals, nurses, practice managers and practice staff.

To register, log on or find out more information visit the [HPOS website](

To access the full range of information and services available through HPOS, log on through Provider Digital Access (PRODA).