Person-centred care

Last updated 25 January 2024
Person-centred care

Person-centred care is a way of putting people at the centre of their care. This approach helps to provide tailored and coordinated primary health services that respect people’s individual needs, preferences and values. Person-centred care helps to achieve better patient outcomes and experiences.  

Brisbane South PHN is working with general practices to support them to deliver person-centred care.  Our person-centred care toolkit activities support practices to progress towards providing higher-performing health care through a range of different practical, quality improvement-focused activities.  

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Our person-centred care model 

The model for person-centred care in general practice is the Patient-Centred Medical Home (PCMH). This model is endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) through the RACGP Standards for Patient-Centred Medical Homes. 

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Person-Centred Care Toolkit: From principles to practice

Brisbane South PHN’s person-centred care toolkit supports practices at any stage of their progression towards becoming more person-centred through a range of resources and activities. 

Topics include:

  • How to implement quality improvement activities

  • Leadership and team building

  • Patient registration (link to mymedicare page)

  • Team-based care

  • Care coordination

  • Access the toolkit via DiscoverPHN

The objectives and outcomes are aligned with the Quintuple Aim of effective primary care to ensure continuous improvement.

The toolkit activities can be useful to support practices to improve business sustainability and also meet the requirements of RACGP Accreditation and the Practice Incentive Payment for Quality Improvement (PIP QI). 

Find activities that will help you and your practice meet specific goals 

To assist practices to find content, videos, activities and resources to meet your specific improvement goals we have developed an interactive tool. 

Answer the questions provided and let us recommend suitable material for you!


Many general practices across the Brisbane south region have participated in the person-centred care toolkit activities. The following videos explain the experiences different practices have had from participating.

Person-Centred Care Case Study: Quality Improvement Strategy and Team-Based Care - YouTube

Person-Centred Care Case Study: Enhanced Access - YouTube

Person-Centred Care Case Study: Team-Based Care - YouTube

Person-Centred Care Case Study: Engaged Leadership - YouTube

Resource: My health journal

Helping people to communicate their health needs, preferences and values with their health care professionals is an important part of person-centred care.   

Brisbane South PHN has developed the My health journal to help people better prepare for and get the most out of appointments with doctors and health professionals. This resource puts individuals at the centre of their care, with space to write down important notes, concerns or questions before, during and after appointments. 

Find out more about person-centred care 

You can contact our Primary Health Care team to find out more about person centred care via