Registration support

Last updated 5 March 2024
Registration support

Why register for MyMedicare? 

Registration is just the foundational step.  Registration alone will not lead to the visionary shifts in health care outlined in Australia’s Primary Health Care Plan 10-year plan 2022 – 2032 and the Strengthening Medicare Taskforce Report.  Registering your patients formally with your practice through MyMedicare, allows you to better understand who your practice population are and their health care needs.  This will then enable you to better plan service delivery based on patient needs.  

Registering your patients sends a strong message to your patients – you are their care team, and you are there for them.  

How to register your practice

To register your practice, you must:

  1. make sure you are eligible

  2. link an organisation in PRODA to Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)

  3. access the Organisation Register in HPOS

    • register your practice

    • link your eligible providers.

How to register your patients

Patient registration for MyMedicare is now open. To be eligible to register for MyMedicare, patients must have either: 

  • a Medicare card 

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Veteran Card. 

Most patients will need to have 2 face-to-face visits recorded with the same practice in the previous 24 months to be eligible to register with that practice.  There are some exemptions to this requirement.  For more information on eligibility, please visit the Department of Health and Aged Care MyMedicare website. 

There are a number of ways patients can register with your practice in MyMedicare: 

Important note: A registration in MyMedicare is only successful when both the patient and practice have provided consent to formalise their relationship through one of the processes noted above. 

More information on registration

Forinformation on patient registration, including benefits, eligibility, frequently asked questions and how to register: