Disaster readiness: Resources available for primary care to assist with summer planning

Last updated 18 January 2024
Disaster readiness: Resources available for primary care to assist with summer planning

In the face of recent severe storms, heatwaves and other extreme weather events our region has experienced, proactive emergency planning for disaster readiness has never been more important for the primary health care sector.

Read on for more information on valuable resources and support available to help your practice plan and prepare to respond to the health needs of your patients during disasters and emergencies.

Find planning resources on our website

General practices and community pharmacies can find resources and support for disaster readiness preparations on our page dedicated to disaster readiness: https://bsphn.org.au/practice-support/support-for-general-practice/disaster-readiness.

Model for Improvement (MFI) and Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) resources can also be useful in ensuring your practice is disaster ready. The reviewing disaster management plans resource is a great place to start.

RACGP's Summer Planning Toolkit

  • RACGP has launched updates to the Summer Planning Toolkit on their website. This toolkit helps your practice consider summer preparedness activities you can implement for the health and safety of your patients and practice team.

Queensland Health's Heatwave Management Sub-plan

  • The Queensland Health Heatwave Management Sub-plan provides guidance on how to prepare for and respond to heatwaves. The resource is suitable for use by general practice clinics, disability accommodation centres and residential aged care facilities.

Contact the PHN for support

For more information on emergency readiness, or to request practice support with your planning, reach out to us. Contact support@bsphn.org.au.