2024 RBWH Cancer Care Service Preceptorship for General Practioners

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Last updated 16 May 2024
2024 RBWH Cancer Care Service Preceptorship for General Practioners

Event organiser

Metro North Health, Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital

Event description

Explore the latest in cancer treatment at the 2024 Cancer Preceptorship for General Practitioners!

You are invited to join the RBWH Cancer Care Team for an upcoming Oncology event! Dr. Anna Kuchel extends a warm invitation to you to attend the Cancer Preceptorship for General Practitioners. RBWH stands as Queensland’s largest Cancer Care Service.

Our staff, encompassing doctors, nurses, radiation therapists and allied health professionals provide exceptional treatment while actively contributing to the advancement of cutting edge treatments through our
extensive clinical trials and research program. Together, we are committed to providing patient-focused therapies and supportive care to people with haematological and oncological conditions. We’re excited to lead you through this case-based interactive education day which will better enable us to work together in delivering outstanding care to your patients during their most challenging times.

Program topics:
Haematology - Overview of iron and Venous thromboembolism | Combined Medical & Radiation Oncology - Prostate Cancer | Encompassing all Cancer Care Services - Geriatric Oncology | Interactive radiation oncology stations - Case-based discussions around cancers from 4 tumour sites | Guided tour of Cancer Care Services - Oncology chemotherapy day unit and radiation oncology treatment unit.

Location Education Centre, RBWH Herston

This is an approved CPD Activity

For more information about this event contact:
E: Micaele.Howard@health.qld.gov.au P: (07) 3646 5759

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