Interpretation of 12-LEAD ECG workshop

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Last updated 5 February 2024
Interpretation of 12-LEAD ECG workshop

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Nurses for Nurses Network

Event description

This workshop’s content is considered essential knowledge for any nurse working in the areas of ward telemetry, coronary care, critical care and emergency nursing.

It also applies to the ward nurse wanting to upskill their knowledge of interpreting arrhythmias. Understanding the ‘famous five’ basics of ECG interpretation will significantly aid the nurse in recognising any deviation from the normal.

Midwives are also encouraged to attend this workshop as it will address the presentation of a condition called SCAD that can occur in the post-partum period with no traditional risk factors.

This short workshop emphasises how to interpret a myocardial infarction on a 12-lead ECG. Without other information taking away from this essential skill.

Applicable for the nurse who only wants to upskill or learn to accurately and quickly how to recognise a myocardial infarction.


In this workshop you will

  • Describe how to work out the essential parameters: PR interval, QRS width, QT interval and relate this to the ‘famous five’ technique of rapid interpretation.
  • Identify the two most common myocardial infarctions: anterior and inferior
  • Understand the significance of new Q waves and ST elevation on a 12-lead ECG
  • Explain the significance of performing a 12 lead ECG on a woman with chest pain in the post-partum period.


PARKWOOD TAVERN Cnr Olsen &, Wintergreen Dr, Parkwood, Gold Coast


23 October 2024

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