Assessment and Management of Emergencies in Aged Care Facilities

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Last updated 5 February 2024
Assessment and Management of Emergencies in Aged Care Facilities

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Nurses for Nurses Network

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Clinical emergencies occur in all aged care settings, and the registered nurse (RN) must have the skills and knowledge to perform a comprehensive assessment of the situation, initiate emergency interventions, and lead and direct staff on acute care provision.

It is also the responsibility of the RN to recognise clinical deterioration and initiate appropriate interventions as required.

This seminar will explore common conditions that are signified by acute deterioration that, if missed, will lead to an adverse outcome for the person concerned. Impact the industry’s reputation in general, the aged care service in particular, and the professional standing of the individual registered nurse


In this seminar you will

  • Learn clinical assessment skills to recognise respiratory and cardiac deterioration
  • Gain the skills to differentiate between dementia and depression and an acute episode of delirium
  • Gain knowledge of neurological and physical assessment skills of a client post fall
  • Explore dealing with difficult people and assertiveness


PARKWOOD TAVERN Cnr Olsen &, Wintergreen Dr, Parkwood, Gold Coast


6 November 2024

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