Webinar: Supporting deaf individuals with complex needs in mental health (18 June)

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Last updated 31 January 2024
Webinar: Supporting deaf individuals with complex needs in mental health (18 June)

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Queensland Health

Event description

The Deafness and Mental Health Statewide Consultation and Liaison Service is delivering an advanced online clinical workshop ‘Supporting deaf individuals with complex needs in mental health’


Targeting mental health professionals - Psychiatrists, Psychiatry Registrars, Psychologists, GP’s, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Nurse or Peer Support Workers in Qhealth.


Working with Interpreters: An in-depth review including common mistakes, barriers and challenges.
Conducting assessments: The importance of Deaf history for MSE and other assessments. Models of care and outcomes.
Consumer perspectives: Perspectives on access to service. Opportunity for Q & A with members of the Deaf Community.
Case studies: appropriate diagnosis and treatment plans

All sessions:

  • Are interactive on Microsoft teams
  • Are based on adult learning principles
  • Are facilitated by skilled experienced trainers
  • Are grounded in the latest evidence and practice-based research
  • Includes firsthand experiences of Deaf consumers

Prerequisite training via iLearn (https://ilearn.health.qld.gov.au/d2l/login)

  • Deafness and Mental Health - Introduction
  • Deafness and Mental Health – Intermediate
    Please copy and paste the URL address and login. You may need to search for the word ‘Deaf’. If you cannot login, please contact Queensland Health IT Support for assistance

For more information contact Jennifer D’Ath on 07 3317 1080

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