Building Nurse Capacity program: $12,000 incentives

Last updated 7 February 2024
Building Nurse Capacity program: $12,000 incentives

Are you a primary care nurse with an idea for improving patient outcomes, but need help to make it a reality? The Building Nurse Capacity program can help.

About the Building Nurse Capacity program

The Building Nurse Capacity (BNC) program has supported nurses and nurse practitioners from a wide range of settings around Australia to build new nurse-led models of care that have increased the capacity of their primary health care teams and addressed some of the unique health challenges their patients face.

Brisbane South PHN (the PHN) has partnered with the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) to offer local nurses the opportunity to participate in the program, co-funding a $12,000 incentive payment for successful nurse clinics.

Read more about Building Nurse Capacity on the APNA website.

Submit your Expression of Interest here

You can submit an Expression of Interest to take part in the program through this online form.

Submissions close Friday 9 February 2024.

Expressions of interest are especially encouraged from nurses working in regional, rural and remote areas.

What are nurse clinics?

Nurses are vital in delivering multidisciplinary team-based care, particularly for patients with chronic and complex conditions. The BNC program helps primary healthcare nurses develop their own nurse-delivered, team-based care models (also known as nurse clinics), from the ground up.

Through the program, successful nurse clinics will receive 18 months of expert support from APNA and a $12,000 incentive payment, with the possibility of a 6-month extension for selected clinics.

What is team-based care?

Team-based care is the term used when health professionals from different disciplines i.e., nurses, general practitioners, pharmacists, etc., work together (typically in a case conferencing style) to coordinate and plan care with a patient to improve their health outcomes.

The best team-based care models allow each healthcare professional to work at their full scope of practice, sharing insights in partnership with their shared patient and the other members of the care team, to provide wrap-around, person-centred care that includes the patient in decision-making, for better health outcomes and care experiences.

Encouraging multidisciplinary team-based care is one of the core components of the 2023 Strengthening Medicare Taskforce report.

Learn more about our support for team-based care

Brisbane South PHN is keenly focused on enabling health care professionals in our region to work in coordinated, enabling teams in general practice.

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