MyMedicare: Using the Patient List to manage patient registrations

Last updated 24 January 2024
MyMedicare: Using the Patient List to manage patient registrations

The MyMedicare Patient List offers a range of features for practices. These features help assist the management of MyMedicare patient registrations. From the list practices can:

  • view current and pending patient registrations
  • create, edit, withdraw and delete patient registrations
  • export lists of complete and pending registrations
  • set preferences for managing new patient-initiated registrations.

The Patient List is separated into 2 lists:

  1. Complete Registrations
  2. Pending Registrations.

Please note that each Patient List will need to be managed separately.

How to access the Patient List

Practice staff can access the Patient List for MyMedicare in HPOS from their Organisation in PRODA. You can do this by selecting the My programs tile. Then select the MyMedicare tile.

More MyMedicare resources for patients

To help your patients understand or to register in MyMedicare, there are new Department of Health and Aged Care videos on the Resources for MyMedicare patients page.

You can also find fact sheets and frequently asked questions on the same page.

Additional support

For more information or support with MyMedicare, please contact