Primary Health Nurses Day 2024: Celebrating and supporting practice nurses in our region

Last updated 2 February 2024
Primary Health Nurses Day 2024: Celebrating and supporting practice nurses in our region

In celebration of Primary Health Care Nurses Day on Wednesday 7 February 2024, we acknowledge the critical role and contributions of nurses to the primary health care sector. The dedication and expertise of the nurses we work with are instrumental in shaping the health and wellbeing of our communities. We also want to highlight a vital initiative, the Practice Nurse Support Program (PNSP) and Practice Nurse Online Learning (PNOL), developed and delivered by Brisbane South PHN, to enhance the skills and knowledge of practice nurses in the Brisbane South region.

About the Practice Nurse Support Program (PNSP)

Addressing unique challenges:
Brisbane South PHN recognises that the role of a practice nurse is distinctive, often requiring specialised knowledge and skills that can differ to nursing in hospitals or community health services. To meet this need, the PNSP is tailored to support new graduates and nurses who are new to general practice within the Brisbane South region.

Comprehensive education:
Participants engage in learning modules that include immunisation and vaccine management, infection prevention and sterilisation, chronic disease management, preventative health, accreditation and more.

Support and mentorship:
Beyond education, the PNSP provides ongoing support, advice, and mentoring — beneficial for those navigating the nuances of immunisation, infection control, chronic disease management, prevention, spirometry, accreditation, and other critical areas specific to general practice.

About Practice Nurse Online Learning (PNOL)

Delivered through DiscoverPHN, our online learning and collaboration portal, the Practice Nurse Online Learning (PNOL) platform ensures that participants have access to Continuing Professional Development opportunities aligned with their scope of practice.

Register for the program

To register your interest in the PNSP or PNOL, please email

Celebrate nurses this Primary Health Care Nurses Day

Primary Health Care Nurses Day, is championed by the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA). The day aims to raise awareness of the proactive care nurses give to keept the community well. We want to join in thanking all nurses for their dedication and hard work!

On Primary Health Care Nurses Day, you can join the celebration by wearing primary colours. Wear red, blue, and yellow on the first Wednesday in February to symbolise gratitude for all primary health care nurses and the important work they do.