New advances in Lymphoedema Mapping, Detection and Mangement for GP's

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Last updated 12 March 2024
New advances in Lymphoedema Mapping, Detection and Mangement for GP's

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Australasia Lymphology Association

Event description

The increasing rates of cancer survivorship has led to GPs having to deal more and more with the sequelae of
cancer surgery and adjuvant therapies in our patients. Lymphoedema is often a troubling consequence of such
treatment. With new technology, the assessment and management of lymphoedema has changed.GPs have an
important role to play in diagnosing and facilitating treatment for lymphoedema sufferers.


Learning outcomes

  • Summarise current best practice in assessment and the importance of early surveillance in the detection
    of lymphoedema including recognition of the significance of bioimpedance spectroscopy monitoring and how patients can access this test.
  • Optimise treatment strategies for your patients by gaining knowledge in the evolving surgical options available as well as an update conservative management and appropriate prescription of compression garments for the various stages of lymphoedema.
  • Appreciate the role of ICG (Indocyanine Green) mapping in lymphoedema assessment, its implications for surgical intervention and how it can improve outcomes.
  • • Develop referral pathways to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration and ensure coordinated management and improved treatment outcomes for your patients.

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