MyMedicare: Key information for general practices

Last updated 15 December 2023
MyMedicare: Key information for general practices

MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration model, introduced by the Commonwealth as part of an ongoing commitment to strengthening Medicare for all Australians.

MyMedicare aims to formalise the relationship between patients, their general practice, general practitioner (GP) and primary care teams, with the aim to increase continuity of care and improve health outcomes.

With voluntary registration now open to eligible patients, it is important to prepare for conversations with your patients about the benefits of registering for MyMedicare, and prepare to answer questions they may have about this change.

Talking to your patients about MyMedicare

The Department of Health and Aged Care have developed the general practice engagement toolkit to assist you to have conversations with your patients about MyMedicare registration. There is also a guide for answering frequently asked questions your patients may have. 

Key messages include:

  • MyMedicare is voluntary and free. 

  • We will still be able to provide health services to you if you choose not to register with our practice.

  • If you do register with our practice, you will be able to access longer telehealth consultations. 

  • Over time, MyMedicare will help this practice better understand your health needs. 

More information for your patients is available on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

How can your patients register for MyMedicare?

Participating providers must be linked to their practice for patients to be able to select their preferred GP. 

Patient registration can be completed in one of the following ways: 

  1. Patients can register through their Medicare online services for practices to then accept through MyMedicare.
  2. Practices can register through MyMedicare on behalf of patients, for patients to accept through their Medicare online services.
  3. Patients can fill out a MyMedicare Registration Form at their practice, for practices to complete their registration in MyMedicare. 

Note: If registering via the MyMedicare Registration Form, practices will need to retain a copy of the form to comply with record-keeping obligations in accordance with the Federal, State, or Territory legislation applicable to their practice.  

A registration in MyMedicare is only successful when both the patient and their chosen practice have provided consent to formalise their relationship, through one of the approved methods of registration

For further information regarding the specifics of MyMedicare registration, please refer to the Services Australia Health Professional Education Website or contact us at 

What to do with MyMedicare patient registration forms

The correct process for registration is:

  1. Patients provide their completed registration forms to the practice.
  2. Practices input the information from the registration form into the MyMedicare system.
  3. Paper forms need to be kept in the patients’ file at the practice.

Further information on the practice registration process and managing patient registration is available on the Services Australia website.

Practice support for MyMedicare

MyMedicare training from Services Australia

The Services Australia Health Professional Education website holds a wide range of training modules and helpful information on how to complete registration through PRODA, HPOS and the Organisation Register.

For more assistance, email, or contact the Services Australia help desk on 132 150 and select option 2. 

MyMedicare registration support now available from AAPM

The Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) have partnered with the Department of Health and Aged Care to assist with the implementation of MyMedicare.

Practices can contact AAPM National Office on 1800 196 000 or via email for support. 

Support from Brisbane South PHN

Reach out to our Primary Health Team for advice and support. Email us at

Further helpful links

  • See MyMedicare information on the Department of Health and Aged Care’s website: