QI tools and resources

Last updated 12 February 2024
QI tools and resources

Data analysis tools

Brisbane South PHN has committed to adopting Primary Sense – a population health management, clinical decision support and data extraction tool. Primary Sense will be replacing the Pen CS systems CAT4 and Topbar by May 2023.Primary Sense has been developed by GPs, for GPs and:    

  • is easy to use  

  • can be quickly installed  

  • provides real time medication safety alerts, patient care prompts and near real time data extractions      

  • remains free for general practices that share data with Brisbane South PHN  

  • all data extracted from Primary Sense is privacy protected, securely stored and managed in Australia

Quality improvement tools

Brisbane South PHN has developed 34 quality improvement toolkits for general practices, covering a range of topics:

  1. general quality improvement

  2. specific conditions

  3. mental health

  4. prevention

  5. patient populations

  6. quality records and business

  7. planning and management of pandemics and disasters.

The quality improvement toolkits are in the process of being updated to align with the new clinical support tool. Please continue to use the toolkits, however, to assist you identify eligible patients and other data activities, please use the clinical support tools that you have available. If you require assistance with this, please contact the QI team on support@bsphn.org.au.

Modules included in these toolkits are designed to support practices to achieve the PIP QI requirements.

As practice teams complete the activities within the toolkits, they are shown how to analyse practice data to develop comprehensive knowledge about their patient population and the care pathways being provided in their practice. Reflections from completion of these activities and the related data may support the identification of improvement opportunities that can be actioned using the MFI.

Activities can be planned and documented in a practice’s online Practice Plan, accessible through DiscoverPHN, ensuring QI activity can be planned, tracked and saved for future accreditation and PIP QI reporting requirements.

QI toolkit activity workbooks

Activity workbooks are available in DiscoverPHN for some of the QI toolkits. The workbooks have been created as a PDF fillable document which allows you to complete the workbooks on your computer. These workbooks are also able to be shared amongst team members to allow a team approach to completion. For more support, email the Brisbane South PHN practice support team.

*Instruction document included. The first page of this document can be printed as a blank template or completed online then printed.

**This document can be printed as a blank template or partially completed online then printed.

Model for Improvement

The Model for Improvement (MFI) uses the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle, a tried and tested approach that will achieve successful change and offers the following benefits:

  • simple approach to change management that anyone can use

  • reduces risk by testing small changes before wider implementation

  • minimises resistance to change by starting with small changes

  • helps foster team unity by creating shared goals

  • encourages individual creativity and ideas from team members.

How to use the MFI

For a step-by-step approach and detailed instructions on how to use the MFI, download and read the Quality Improvement Toolkit: Overview.

Each QI toolkit also has recommendations on how to use the MFI and PDSA cycle to achieve the QI activities in the toolkits.

RACGP QI & CPD points for completing in quality improvement

GPs are required to complete Reviewing Performance or Measuring Outcomes hours as part of the current triennium. More information is available from RACGP. The Quality Improvement team are available to assist GPs to meet these criteria. The team can assist with:

  • identifying an area for improvement in the practice (patient related, systems improvement, data cleansing etc.)

  • planning how GPs will work towards their improvement (who will be involved, what will be done, how will any improvements be measured)

  • working through the planned steps

  • reviewing results.

GPs can report the number of hours working on QI by logging into their RACGP account by scanning the QR code on the front of the MFI/PDSA RACGP template.

Here are 2 completed examples of a MFI/PDSA RACGP

MFI and PDSA examples

DiscoverPHN: Self-paced online learning portal

DiscoverPHN is Brisbane South PHN’s learning and collaboration portal that provides self-paced online education modules, resources and support to primary health professionals in the Brisbane south region. More specifically, DiscoverPHN has useful modules surrounding topics such as digital health technologies, resources to assist in meeting the RACGP accreditation standards and QI courses and resources.

These include:


  • quality improvement using clinical software

  • improving data quality using Pen CS CAT4 (coming soon)

  • how to guide: quality improvement in general practice (coming soon)


  • Practice plan

Train IT

  • Brisbane South PHN has a library of webinars and resources from Train IT that guide a practice through QI activities using clinical software. Access to this library is available to our region via DiscoverPHN.

Contact QI support team

To request further practice support, please don’t hesitate to contact the quality improvement team at support@bsphn.org.au.  

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible support for your practice.