What we offer

Last updated 14 March 2024
What we offer

Quality improvement in general practice  

We offer a range of QI support for general practices in our region. Support includes self-paced, online learning modules and structured programs developed and delivered in conjunction with industry experts.  

Your practice is linked to a General Practice Quality Improvement Coordinator, who will discuss with you: 

  • the current key focus for the practice  

  • what is working well and what could be improved 

  • areas of interest (from the practice or from individuals) 

  • top population and health priorities  

  • the level of QI support you require from BSPHN.


What does a General Practice Quality Improvement Coordinator offer:

We can provide general practices with QI coaching and support to:

  • Analyse practice data dashboards  

  • Identify opportunities for QI in your practice

  • Assist with setting a goal for improvement

  • Use QI resources

  • Assist with PIP QI, including the registration, guidelines, and improvement measures

  • Provide coaching either face-to-face or virtually to assist you to achieve your goal.  


Current programs


Cervical screening self-collection

Cervical screening rates amongst eligible population, aged 25-74 years in the Brisbane south region is 37.1% (1.1% less than the National average of 38.2%).

Health professionals play a central and critical role in the National Cervical Screening Program in assessing patient risk and using clinical judgement to recommend testing and follow-up.

How would I complete a QI project around cervical screening self-collection?

Cervical screening self-collection resources

·         Self-collection for cervical screening test

·         National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR)

·         Cervical screening target poster

·         NCSR target poster

First Nations QI project

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience poorer health, much greater mortality, and burden from chronic disease than non-Indigenous Australians. [1]

How would I complete a QI project in relation to First Nations people?

Health assessments

Preventive healthcare is an important activity in general practice. It includes the prevention of illness, the early detection of specific disease, and the promotion and maintenance of health. The partnership between GP and patient can help people reach their goals of maintaining or improving health. Health assessment QI programs include: 45–49-year-old, 75+ years, healthy heart checks and First Nations health assessments.

How would I complete a QI project in relation to health assessments?





My Health for Life QI program  

My Health for Life (MH4L) program is a free behaviour change program for people at high risk of developing a chronic disease. It is designed to support participants to make small lifestyle changes that can have significant, long-term health benefits.  
The program supports the primary health care network through the extension of advice given by health professionals. 


Health professionals can refer patients into the program through the following pathways:  

  • completing the referral template in your practices clinical software (MedicalDirector or Best Practice) 

  • completing the manual referral form (Brisbane PHN to supply upon request) 

  • completing the Fillable_Referral_Form 

  • referring the patient to complete the online health check via one of the following:  

o    BSPHN_Health_Check_MH4L 

o    Scan to QR codeA qr code on a white background

Description automatically generatedThe program includes 6 coaching sessions (either virtual, telehealth or group face to face sessions) for participants over an 18-week period. These sessions are facilitated by qualified health professionals and MH4L facilitators. Once the participant has completed the 6 coaching sessions, they will then gain access to the 6-month maintenance program.  


What practices in our region are saying about our QI support

I would recommend this service because PHN are always extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

This service helped me to understand Best Practice a lot more, and be able to identify what our patients are due for or missing in their charts.

Always my 1st point of contact.  Best information source.

We are always provided with good feedbacks and useful suggestions.

Great, makes you think and plan and see results, or lack thereof, then tweak and replan.

Contact us for more support

Our Quality Improvement Team works with general practices to provide practical advice and resources to help plan, implement, and review your QI activities. To request further practice support, please contact the Quality Improvement team on Phone: 3864 7540 or email: support@bsphn.org.au.  

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible support for your practice.